The travel guide for Porquerolles, island off France’s Azure Coast.

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Porquerolles - When to go

The months of July and August are inevitably those with the greatest influx of tourism. Nonetheless, even in the high season, the crowds at Porquerolles are quite contained and the absence of cars creates a sense of tranquility. Moreover, all the available lodgings are limited in number so that the majority of tourists come only for day trips from the mainland. By avoiding the most popular beaches and by renting a bicycle, it’s not difficult to find isolated coves and trails.

May and June are usually the most pleasant months. Springtime in Porquerolles is a symphony of scents and colors and the flow of tourists - except for on the weekends - is very limited. The climate and the temperature of the water are already conducive to swimming. The same holds for the month of September, and the end of the summer, when the island begins to empty out and peace and quiet come back to reign supreme.

But really any moment could be the right one for an escape to Porquerolles, and island whose allure goes well beyond the classic beach lifestyle. Even in the winter, especially on those wonderful sun-kissed days, Porquerolles is an ideal destination for getting away from it all, for going on walks and relaxing, and for reinvigorating body and spirit.

Porquerolles - Climate and Seasons

Porquerolles has a typical Mediterranean and temperate climate. The rains are relatively light and, during a typical calendar year, there are approximately 300 sunny days.

The summer is hot and very sunny. Muggy days are few and far between, thanks to the sea breeze and the forests. Even in July and August the maximum temperatures rarely exceed 30°C (85° F).

Between December and February, the winter is mild, with low temperatures of around 8°C (45° F) and with a bit of luck, you also find many moderately warm and sunny days. The coldest days are the ones in which the mistral – a strong wind coming from the Northwest which usually brings clear skies and lower temperatures – is blowing.

The long Porquerolles spring beings to show its first signs of life in early March, one of the most unpredictable months from a climactic point of view, which may bring along rain and the last cold breaths of winter, but also warmer splendid days of spring. The same holds for October and November, months which aren’t necessarily cold, but in which rainy days are more frequent.

April and May are splendid months because springtime in Porquerolles is a time of rich blooming and dazzling colors. This is also true for June, an already summery month perfect for swimming at the beach.

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