The travel guide for Porquerolles, island off France’s Azure Coast.

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Porquerolles - Beaches

Information, photos, and links concerning the beaches of Porquerolles.

The beaches on the north coast of Porquerolles are better protected and reachable on foot by following easy trails.

No less fascinating are the beaches on the south coast, which are more isolated, wild, and exposed to the wind and are therefore less populated by tourists. It requires a little more effort to get to them but it is absolutely worthwhile.

» Plage de la Courtade
» Notre-Dame Beach
» Galère Beach


La Courtade Beach – Porquerolles

La Courtade is the largest of the beaches on Porquerolles and it’s the closest to the town. As a consequence, it’s also the most popular beach. From the port, proceed eastward along the northern coast of the island. You’ll find white sand and crystal waters, completely surrounded by vegetation. Not far away, behind the pine forest, you’ll make out the fortress of Sainte Agathe.